08.02.2017 GeoEngineering Rebuttal & What is Orgone?

Special ShadowCitizen Talk Back Show
FIRST HOUR: listeners, Jolie Diane of www.zerogeoengineering.com and Debrah from Rhode Island, called in to discuss reactions to last weeks show with UN IPCC report author Ken Caldeira.   Discussion surrounded the validity of Mr. Calderia’s comments and the official documents that people who are opposed to geoengineering need to become acquainted with, as well as a discussion as to why the term “chemtrails” should not be used to describe geoengineering.

SECOND HOUR: Rachael talks with renowned orgone creator Leo Rhodes of www.riseperspective.com who explains what orgone is and why he and others are making it.  He claims, it can protect you from geoengineering and, among other things, enhance not only the vitality of people, but also has positive affects on animals, plants and crops.  Leo talks about the world-wide effort to distribute and “gift” orgone for the benefit of humankind and the planet.