Frankenskies Unleashed with Matt Landman

Rachael talks with social change documentary film maker MATT LANDMAN about his film FRANKENSKIES. The film outlines the history and future of Geoengineering. You many have heard people refer to this decades long practice as #chemtrails. The interview kicks into high gear when Matt reveals the tell tale signs of a man made Hurricane and Rachael wants to know who she can sue for damages. The conversation sweeps from man made hurricanes to directed energy weapons to OPERATION BIG ITCH. Matt effectively outlines the systems that are “training” us to accept a hidden agenda, all of which seem to be based on the injection of Aluminum (into the air and vaccines) and ends up talking at length about how we can take control of a the situation by studying up on alternative therapies for man made health problems that are affecting us. He talks specifically about GcMAF, which is basically a yogurt with 12 strains of probiotics that he says can heal, among other things, autism and Lyme Disease. He then talks about diets curing other things like cancer and AIDS. This is an intense and eye opening interview.

FRANKENSKIES can be viewed here:


For more information about GcMAF go here: Matt is the creator of the social change documentary FRANKENSKIES which outlines the history and development of Solar Geoengineering often called “Chemtrails”.

Matt is originally from the Washington D.C area, a Virginia Tech Alumni and prior to activism had a background in finance and business. With an M.B.A and a knack for strategy and analysis, Matt is now directing his entrepreneurial sustainable focus to activism and claims he won’t stop until we have chemtrail-free clear skies for good.