Episode 2, Jolie Diane January 21, 2021

Jolie Diane is a 2020 Unaffiliated US Presidential Candidate. Undeterred by the 2020 election she announces that she will be running again, completely unaffiliated in 2024. As President of the United States, Jolie Diane would issue $100,000 as a one time “Resolution Settlement”, directly to every US citizen, creating a level playing field in the largest financial experiment ever enacted to rebuild USA from the ground up. This long time advocate for public health and safety, Jolie’s mission is to liberate and empower The People with a primary focus on the four following threats to human and earthly life: Geoengineering, 5G, Genetically Modified Organisms, and Mandated Vaccinations. None of which, she claims, were touched up by the leading presidential candidates. Jolie shares with Rachael her background and how she has been traveling the country helping regular people create state legislation to curb the deleterious effects of unregulated yet extremely well funded deployments of these identified life altering threats. She directs people to her free research archives at the following websites: https://zerogeoengineering.com/




Jolie Diane’s official campaign websites are: https://JDfor2020.com