IntraBioNets, Essential Liberties and Agenda 21 with Nico Rocco

Nico Rocco is the founder of, a news publication website that runs the gamut of every subject that reveals the vast New World Order agenda. Nico has been investigating this agenda since 2008.

His focus is on the UN’s Agenda 21, which is the world agenda for the 21st century that is imposing Orwellian systems of control on every aspect of human activity, and humans themselves, through the climate industrial complex, environmental sustainability, regionalization, SMART Growth, the biosecurity state (disease mitigation/surveillance), depopulation, biometrics, Internet of Things, the sensor network, artificial intelligence, surveillance capitalism, transhumanism, social engineering and everything in between.

Nico is producing a documentary that aims to present the scientific facts on climate change, expose Agenda 21 policies and reveal the global push into the futuristic dystopia of the metaverse.

Since 2008, he earned associate’s degrees in journalism and business from community college and a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, PA. His exposure working for numerous national and state-based think tanks has given him an insider view to the relationship between non-profit think tanks and government. He has been published in various media outlets such as The Daily Caller, Reason Foundation,, Foundation for Economic Education, Washington Examiner, Mises Wire and others. Nico currently works full time as an analyst for a tech company and thinks Freddie Mercury is the best singer/performer that ever graced the planet.


IntraBioNets and NSF-led RINGS Programs with Big Tech form the Wireless Network to Connect Humans to the Internet Through the Covid Vaccine