How Bad is your Batch?

Rachael talks with Craig Paardekooper  from HOW BAD IS MY BATCH (dot) com,  a “cleaned” set of data about the deaths, disability, hospitalizations and adverse reactions to the various brand name CoronaVirus 19 vaccines available. Craig explains the differences in outcomes in connection to the geography of deployment of the vaccines, illustrating the inconsistency of the mRNA modification products by batch.  Craig also offers ideas as to why this is happening, not the least of which is that the clinical trial of this new technology is not over until May 15, 2023.  Many people do not realize that they are participating in a study.
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    • Mike Yeadon – Ex Head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer UK
    • Alexandra Latypova – researcher – analyst – Biotech CEO
    • Craig Paardekooper – researcher – computer programmer – Author
    • Jessica Rose – researcher – analyst – government consultant
  • Walter Wagner – consultant on pharma compliance and legal affairs
LINKS Rachael shared:
Study to Describe the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals
Relative vs Absolute Risk Reduction (2 minute video)
RIGHT ON CRAIG! Thank you!
What is HOW BAD IS MY BATCH in your own words?
How Bad is My Batch is a lookup tool that enables users to input a Covid 19 Batch number and view the number of deaths, disabilities and life threatening illnesses associated with that batch.
It is an indication of how safe that batch is. It does not prove that a batch is unsafe, but we should be cautius when a batch is associated consistently with excess deaths and disabilities.
This information is importanmt for informed consent, and for doctors and nurses to check before administering from any batch.
What inspired you to create it?
What inspired me was the discovery of wide variation in the numbers of deaths and disabilities from one batch to another.  I counted the number of adverse events, deaths and disabilities for each batch and was very surprised to see that some batches had 1000 times the number of adverse events, and 200 x the number of deaths associated with them. This inspired me to create a lookup tool, so others could protect themselves.
Did you do the data work yourself? or were you focused on creating a website?
I did the data work myself and created pdfs and videos of my findings which I shared on bitchute and brandnewtube and on Telegram. Then I decided to create a website lookup tool. It took me about 2 weeks, since I had to learn html and javascript. But I am happy with the result so far.
Please explain Data Cleaning.
Data cleaning is necessary because sometimes members of the public misspell their batch code. Correcting the misspellings tends to elevate the toxicity of the bad batches and reduce the spread.
Please review the findings at Severe Side Effects
These are just a short list of the batches that regularly kill, maim or put people in hospital. They are the top ranking batches for adverse effects found in the other tables.
Please go over the Geography findings.
Both Pfizer and Moderna are USA companies. The effects of their vaccines at home are markedly different from the effects of their vaccines abroad. They send different batches abroad, and these cause much less death but much more disability. pharma makes more money from chronic illness than from sudden death, but needs to restrict this to foreign countries so they are not held liable by their own population, and so their own country does not have to foot the bill for increased hospitalisation and social care.
Please tell us how you felt emotionally while engaged with this project.
Have you taken any of these injections?
I have not taken these injections – neither have 23% of the UK, neither have 95% of Africans – and we are all in great health with absolutely no signs of Covid.