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Episode 2, Jolie Diane January 21, 2021

Jolie Diane is a 2020 Unaffiliated US Presidential Candidate. Undeterred by the 2020 election she announces that she will be running again, completely unaffiliated in 2024. As President of the United States, Jolie Diane would issue $100,000 as a one time “Resolution Settlement”, directly to every US citizen, creating a level playing field in the […]

Episode 1 Kurt Haskell January 20, 2021

Attorney Kurt Haskell and Rachael reconnect for the relaunch of ShadowCitizen2.0. Attorney Haskell is otherwise known as the “Underwear Bomber Witness”. He was on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253, the target of a failed al-Qaeda bombing attempt on Christmas Day, December 25, 2009. He is keenly aware of the use of ‘false flags’ – which […]

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Episode 3 James Perloff January 27, 2021

Our friend James Perloff returns for his sixth appearance on Shadow Citizen. We will review the events of 2020, and discussing what might happen as 2021unfolds. A not to miss show to as we face a new year and new President. James Perloff is author of The Shadows of Power, an exposé of the Council […]

LAUNCH CODES ACCEPTED /on board and confirmed/ Catherine Austin Fitts – Solari Report / Kurt Haskell – Attorney, 2x false flag survivor / James Perloff – Author, Covid19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled / Jolie Diane – ZERO PARTY affiliation US Presidential Candidate / Dr. Cynthia McKinney – former US Congresswoman, Author / Daisy […]

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