01.18.2017 The Inaugural Episode

With the US Presidential Inauguration just days away, author Rachael
L. McIntosh and internet radio host Rob Ossell team up to talk
about what a ShadowCitizen is and now, because of current socio-economic
conditions, you are probably one too!  Rob and Rachael will discuss
the format of their new show and what they hope to achieve with
the help of the Shadow Citizen audience.  For the general listening audience,
Shadow Citizen will showcase intelligent, casual, conversation
regarding the news of the day and important first hand accounts and
interviews to help you navigate staticy and conflicting
demographically designed messaging.  This along with a weekly report
about the color of the neckties politicians are wearing makes show #1
of ShadowCitizen historic and not to be missed!
Be prepared to find yourself off the beaten path.